Factory Lights

Factory Lights are a British six-piece rock band that formed in 2015 in Oxford. Their name comes from one of their songs (“The Old School Wall”), the title track of their first EP. Their music is heavily influenced by themes and stories of ordinary working people living worthwhile and meaningful lives against the backdrop of political and economic upheaval. The lead singer and songwriter Ant Kelly tells a personal and affectionate tale of the many influences on his life, his Irish background, growing up in working-class Cowley, his disillusionment with party politics and the joys of family life.

Nightshift Magazine described Ant’s songs on the Factory Lights EP as “a perfect encapsulation of a songwriter who deals with the intimate concerns of everyday life with understated and delicate skill and an almost avuncular presence”.

The band members are all recognisable faces from the Oxford musical scene: Americana, Heavy Rock, Pop and Country are some of the influences that they bring to the performance. Together they create an upbeat and energetic sound.

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